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This is an instance of BookWyrm, a decentralized social reading and reviewing app. It is a small instance in the spirit of, originally run for my own needs, but anyone who agrees with the Code of Conduct is welcome to join. It comes with no guarantees as I am just one human, and I may test new features I'm developing from time to time. That said, I do use it as my primary instance and am fairly capable on the tech side, so it should be relatively stable. If you want to join this server, use the request form to the right. It's helpful if you also shoot me an email at so I know you requested an invite, and I'd love to hear how you ended up here!

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All We Can Save (2020, Random House Publishing Group) 5 stars

All We Can Save

by , , , and 2 others

All We Can Save is a 2020 collection of essays and poetry edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine Wilkinson. The collection sets out to highlight a wide range of women's voices in the environmental movement, most of whom are from North America.