how to build a business that people love and be happy doing it

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Lovability (2017)

259 pages

English language

Published May 5, 2017

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"Love is the surprising emotion that companies cannot afford to ignore. Lovability genuine, heartfelt devotion and loyalty from customers is what propels a select few companies ahead, leading to consistent growth and profitability. Think about the companies that you really care about and how they make you feel. Love is central to all human interactions, and business is made up of human interactions. Do the math and the solution is clear: love is central to business. Nobody talks about it, but it is obvious in hindsight that love is everything in all we work for and can even be measured. This book shares what Silicon Valley-based author and CEO Brian de Haaff knows from a career of founding successful technology companies and building award-winning products. He reveals the secret to his own company's growth and the engine behind customer love; a set of principles that he pioneered and named The …

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  • Technological innovations
  • Customer loyalty
  • Product design
  • Love
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Success in business
  • Psychological aspects