Think like a Commoner

A Short Introduction to the Life of the Commons

Print book, 197 pages

English language

Published Sept. 10, 2014 by New Society Publishers.

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A new world based on fairness, participation, accountability is closer than you think if you learn to think like a commoner

The biggest "tragedy of the commons" is the misconception that commons are failures-relics from another era rendered unnecessary by the Market and State. Think Like a Commoner dispels such prejudices by explaining the rich history and promising future of the commons-an ageless paradigm of cooperation and fairness that is re-making our world.

With graceful prose and dozens of fascinating stories, Bollier describes the quiet revolution that is pioneering practical forms of self-governance and production controlled by people themselves. Think Like a Commoner explains how the commons:

  • Is an exploding field of DIY innovation ranging from Wikipedia and seed-sharing to community forests and collaborative consumption, and beyond
  • Challenges the standard narrative of market economics by explaining how cooperation generates significant value and human fulfillment
  • Provides a framework of law and …

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An Excellent Guide to Commoning

5 stars

This is a wonderful little book about what the commons are, why they are important, and how they can and must be protected. If you're an anarchist, this is required reading. If you're some variety of non-anarchist socialist, this is still important, because although it's not workers' control (commons operate separately from employment) the commons are a great way to build dual power, and put power back in the hands of the common people. It even mentions the Free Software community by name as an example of a commons, so if you're reading this review, then you're already commoning. One potential criticism is that it isn't very academic, but to be honest, I don't think that matters that much. It's not trying to be an academic study of the commons, just a short introduction on how you can work the commons into your everyday life.