I'm special

and other lies we tell ourselves

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I'm special (2015)

195 pages

English language

Published May 27, 2015

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"This hilarious part-memoir, part-manifesto reveals what sets apart the latest generation of young people coming of age in an all-wired, overeducated, and underemployed world. People are obsessed with Ryan O'Connell's blogs. With tens of thousands reading his pieces on Thought Catalog and Vice, watching his videos on YouTube, and hanging on to each and every #dark tweet, Ryan has established himself as a unique young voice who's not afraid to dole out some real talk. He's that candid, snarky friend you consult when you fear you're spending too much time falling down virtual k-holes stalking your ex on Facebook or when you've made the all-too-common mistake of befriending a psycho while wasted at last night's party and need to find a way to get rid of them the next morning. But Ryan didn't always have the answers to these modern day dilemmas. Growing up gay and disabled with cerebral palsy, …

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Disability babble

1 star

This is one of those cases where the TV show, Special, is better than the book. I was hoping the book would teach something about Disabilities and self acceptance wrapped up in humor, but I didn't laugh once throughout this book.

One of the many reasons is because, on every page, he attempts to have an observation about the Y generation. I became so tired of hearing the words, "millennial generation this, Y generation that," that I started skipping chapters just to get rid of him saying millennial. This book has also convinced me that everybody is wrong about generational observations and every opinion about whatever generation is caked in ageism.

The tone is a prolonged skit. The funny parts are supposed to arise from ironic skits, or skits with off color dialog. I didn't laugh once because these skits didn't have a comedic touch. They did, it just painted …


  • Humor
  • Conduct of life
  • Generation Y