Punch Me Up to the Gods

A Memoir

audio cd, 256 pages

Published May 18, 2021 by HMH Audio.


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4 stars (1 review)

3 editions

A tough book.

4 stars

Maybe it's because I've lost interest in sex, I find this book to be particularly hard to read. That being said, it is a great examination of Black, Queer, self and what it means to be Black and Queer/gay in a white world.

There is quite a bit of drug use and quite a bit of SMUT. That being said, presenting it out of context does not do it justice. This is a book about trying to just make your own world in a world where nothing you do is accepted by anyone. The author does get sober by the end of the book but the journey is the point, not the end or the cleaning up later.

Still, I was put off by yet another gay man obsessed with sex trope. Still, I'd read anything this author puts out.