Nick's mission

148 pages

English language

Published March 13, 1995 by Lerner Publications.

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3 stars (1 review)

Nick, a deaf sixth grader, is upset about having to go to speech therapy over the summer, until he and his dog stumble on some dangerous smugglers and he learns the importance of being able to communicate.

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Problematic as I get older.

3 stars

While the story is very fun, and this is an OwnVoices book, I feel like the book is saying that because Nick can't verbally communicate, his life is harder by choice. I understood the empowering message within, but I felt as if I was reading a bucket of internalized ableism. The main character is very smart and rejects speech therapy, which should have been fine, but I felt as if the plot was punishing Nick because he refused to verbally communicate.


  • Deaf -- Fiction.
  • People with disabilities -- Fiction.
  • Dogs -- Fiction.
  • Mothers and sons -- Fiction.