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Welsh girl living in South Africa. Also .

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Non-Player Character (EBook, 2021, Witch Key Fiction) 5 stars

32-year old Tar feels like a Non-Player Character in their own life. They’ve been utterly …

Amazing Fantasy Wholesomeness

5 stars

SO great I can't even. A hugely diverse cast of characters - more of this in fantasy books please! - all treated with dignity and inclusivity and respect. The relationships, both friendships and otherwise, dealt with in NPC are utterly wholesome, healthy, and heartwarming. The tale itself is a grand 'people from Earth find themselves stranded in a fantasy land', but executed in a far more entertaining and endearing fashion than other attempts I've read at this kind of story.

Strong recommend, grab it immediately. <3

Fluency (Paperback, 2014, Blue Bedlam Books) 3 stars

NASA discovered the alien ship lurking in the asteroid belt in the 1960s. They kept …

Mostly Good

3 stars

Pros: Easy to get through. The more detailed descriptions of alien technology and advanced science were easy to digest. The story on the whole was entertaining.

Cons: The characters and sub-plots occasionally felt trite. The main relationship developing between the MC and the secondary character felt unnecessarily lascivious ( I'm a published erotica author, I'm not prudish); out of place in book that was otherwise solely about first contact in an alien environment, and contained one of those 'weirdly written sex descriptions' that are frequently seen pulled from badly written sex scenes.

I don't feel I ever really got to know any of the side-characters much; they felt like they'd been added in only because the mission would have required that amount of people and so they had to be included and occasionally mentioned.

I'll be reading the second book in the series, only because I feel that the change …

Every Heart a Doorway (2016) 4 stars

Children have always disappeared under the right conditions; slipping through the shadows under a bed …


5 stars

It was lovely; the main character is asexual, there's a trans character, these things are handled with care and wholesomeness, and the story and writing were poignant.

Violence: Yes (described after-the fact) Sexual Scenes: No