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Abolish Work (2014) 5 stars

Available for the first time in a single volume, the two influential and well-circulated pamphlets …

As a hospitality industry worker

5 stars

I wasn't expecting to be so mindblowned by it. I've learnt many things and understood better many others. This is a short and necessary reading for everyone. And for you in particular. Yes, you.

Dear Senthuran (Paperback, Riverhead Books) 3 stars

In three critically acclaimed novels, Akwaeke Emezi has introduced readers to a landscape marked by …

Way too confused. Don't trust the stars.

3 stars

I mean, I love them and I was waiting for this book soooo much.

But it ends up being letters to family and friends in which they discuss many personal things. Things we already know because they inevitably became part of their previous books already.

On top of that, we sadly get to know more of them. A darker side in my opinion. One that is so attached to money and capital and possessiveness of all sorts.

It made me feel very uncomfortable sometimes. Especially given this is a book covered in magic written by a god.

I would say read anything else from Emezi but this.


Life as a Unicorn (Paperback, 4th Estate) 3 stars

Amrou knew they were gay when, aged ten, they first laid eyes on Macaulay Culkin …

Similar issues I had with Ruby Rare's book.

3 stars

Again, an amazing speaker, an unbelievably good performer, a tremendously boring book. I mean, most of the stuff mentioned in here you can find it in their talks or drag performance (which I strongly advise you to attend somehow in the future). But, well, then it becomes a book because I guess "it's one of the step of every human being nowadays" and it's so difficult to reach the end of the page...

Sex Ed (2020, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc) 3 stars

Written by sex educator and body-positivity advocate Ruby Rare, Sex Ed is the practical and …

A series of video essays might have been better.

3 stars

I love Ruby Rare and I've been to many of her workshops as well as constantly following her instagram page. And the book itself is very informative and interesting.

But I took ages to read it all with moments I had to push myself to go through because it's not engaging at all.

And I know she is personally super engaging. But maybe not in a writing form? She could've made a series of 30 video essays and I would've probably binge-watched them all overnight.

But it seems like publishing a book is a must for everyone nowadays so...

Sad. Lost opportunity in my opinion.

The Barrow Will Send What it May (Paperback, Publishing) 4 stars

Margaret Killjoy’s Danielle Cain series is a dropkick-in-the-mouth anarcho-punk fantasy that pits traveling anarchist Danielle …

Still good, but you know.

4 stars

I love a queer family. I love a good demo hunting. Still, would be nice to see more of that community we encountered in the first book. I understand that Americans are still stuck with their road trip adventures, but, you know, they could potentially find different stories on the way, couldn't they?

The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion (Paperback, Publishing) 5 stars

The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion by Margaret Killjoy pits utopian anarchists against rogue demon …

Good fun I might say.

5 stars

After The Dispossessed, it was nice to read another "anarchist fiction", but with some queerness in it this time. Two completely different kind of stories of course, but both enjoyable. While TD focus is on a bigger scale, Killjoy narrates the story of a chosen family. It was fun to see the not-at-all-subtle voice of the publisher, especially when queer-related content ended up being "explained". This world is so boring.

The Dispossessed (1994, Eos) 5 stars

The story takes place on the fictional planet Urras and its moon Anarres (since Anarres …

What else can I say.

5 stars

I mean, everybody has read it already over here, right? The only thing I would "criticise" are some outdated and not very inclusive ideas/concepts. However, this is only pushing me to find more queer and contemporary fiction. Or, worst case scenario, write it myself. :P

On a sunbeam (EBook, 2018, First Second) 5 stars

Throughout the deepest reaches of space, a crew rebuilds beautiful and broken-down structures, painstakingly putting …

Make it dreamy and everything is better.

5 stars

So, you got a queer sci-fi coming of age story. But also a queer young adult epic. Then you have this amazing drawing style that turns everything soothing and cosy. Hence, when the drama happens doesn't really mess up with your brain. Which is a plus, I believe, nowadays.

Field Notes on Survival (Paperback, Bad Betty Press) 5 stars

‘With Field Notes on Survival, Bad Betty Press prove yet again that they are consistently …

Words are relevant

5 stars

And there's an abyss before victim and survivor.

The longest collection of poetry I've read recently. A very long and deep journey.

Which inevitably reminded me of "I May Destroy You", Michaela Coel's TV series. Which I believe we all should watch no matter what.

A Recipe for Sorcery (Paperback, Burning Eye Books) 5 stars

Commended poems featured in the Forward Anthology 2018.

Vanessa Kisuule’s second release is a poetry …

When you say poetry...

5 stars

... you end up spelling Vanessa Kisuule.

A journey through cooking as art and memories as history. The sorcery is in the way she gets you stuck on that little book until you finish it.

She's amazing. I can't wait to see her performing live.