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I have #mecfs so I have a lot of time for reading, mostly #fantasy and #SciFi but I'm happy to dip into nearly anything.

Ratings: 1 star: I didn't like it 2 stars: it was okay 3 stars: I liked it 4 stars: I really liked it 5 stars: it was brilliant

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reviewed Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta

Sand Talk (Paperback, en-Latn-AU language, 2019, Text Publishing Company) 4 stars

This remarkable book is about everything from echidnas to evolution, cosmology to cooking, sex and …

We need Indigenous wisdom

3 stars

Yarning about the ways of Indigenous knowledge. Insightful, sometimes impenetrable, with a bit of bullshit. The barest exposure, but what next? How to incorporate this into our worldview?

Reading time 10 days, 25.6 pages/day

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The Girl in The Tower (Paperback, 2018, Del Rey) 4 stars

"The magical adventure begun in The Bear and the Nightingale continues as brave Vasya, now …

Witch girl seeks freedom in mediaeval Rus

4 stars

Witch girl seeks freedom from mediaeval Rus strictures, but her naivety & heedlessness prove her undoing. Still, she saves the day! Less fairytale, more political than prequel. Still excellent.

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Summertime (Paperback, Penguin) 4 stars

A different kind of nature writing, for a different kind of landscape.

I went and …

Recalls the interminable fear

4 stars

"Summertime" Danielle Celermajer. 4 stars. Meditations on the 2019/20 #bushfires. Captures well the colossal scale, and the interminable fear. Coins the useful term "omnicide" for the destruction that we are all responsible for, and which permeates everything.

BookReview #Books #Bookstodon #ClimateChange

Red Rising (Hardcover, 2014, Del Rey) 3 stars

Darrow is a Red, a member of the lowest caste in the color-coded society of …

Recycled ideas

3 stars

Recycled ideas: hierarchical oppression, revolution, infiltration, proving ground. Reasonably done, but takes time to build up a good head of steam.

SciFi #SFF #Books #BookReview #Bookstodon #BookWyrm

A Psalm for the Wild-Built (EBook, 2021, Tom Doherty Associates) 5 stars

It’s been centuries since the robots of Panga gained self-awareness and laid down their tools; …

A perfect cup of #solarpunk tea

5 stars

Despite living in a utopia, a dissatisfied monk embarks upon a journey of self-discovery, illuminated by a charmingly inquisitive robot. Felt like a perfect cup of tea, served by a best friend with a warm embrace. This is #solarpunk.